T’EA! 挑TEA派!

Chinese Milk Tea & Chinese Bubble Tea, Edinburgh, Scotland UK

Do you remember your first bubble tea? Is it the one you waited in line for with your friends in your school uniform at the gate of junior school, or the one that the high school pupil quietly handed to you from the window that made you blush with shame, or the one you held at the edge of the basketball court, so nervous that your knuckles turned white but you were too afraid to put down?

Bubble tea is such a wonderful thing, the sweetness of milk and the bitterness of the tea gives you the taste of the world in that one small cup, let the tip of your tongue feel the flow between your joys and sorrows with a single mouthful .

CHINESE BUBBLE TEA adheres to the spirit of the craft, using the freshest fruit and milk with the best tea leaves. Every tea maker is a bubble tea lover, so we always deliver the best bubble TEA to you! xxx

你记得你的第一杯奶茶吗? 是初中校门口穿着校服的你和朋友排队等候的那一杯, 还是高中那个人悄悄从窗口递给你让你羞红脸的那一杯, 亦或者是青涩的你在篮球场边捧在手里紧张到指关节发白却不敢送上前去的那一杯呢?

奶茶就是这么一个奇妙的东西, 感觉人世间的美好都留在了那一杯甜甜暖暖的奶茶里, 牛奶的甘甜和茶叶的苦涩仿佛把人间味都留在了那个小杯里, 一口下去,舌尖都口齿之间都流淌着你的喜怒哀乐。

挑TEA派一直秉承着匠人精神, 用最好的茶叶做最好的奶茶, 每一个挑TEA派人的心里都充满着对奶茶的喜爱, 所以我们会一直坚持把最好的奶茶送到您的身边。